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The new Gambling on gambling has been a long time coming . The law was passed unanimously by the parliament in June 2010, and after a careful review , it is also approved by the European Commission in September 2011. The new law puts an end to the current monopoly and liberalize the market.

The law took effect January 1, 2012 ( allay references to the law is currently being pressed ) . It is the Danish Gaming Authority that oversees the Danish gaming market . It includes among others the licensing , monitoring the market and manage Gambling Act . In order to handle the new tasks and the extended ashen , we have to play the authorities expanded our capacity in the past year .

Moreover, the pace of the game much faster as you one-on-one plays with the computer a few seconds per hand, no breaks in between, so it is not atypical to play instead of the typical 50 to 1,800 hands per hour for a casino game. Even if you play in a perfect strategy, the house edge to a half percent brings, gives a bet of $ 5 per hand for one hour a new loss of $ 450.00.

Although the game is based on pure luck, there is still someone who has developed a system that would eventually secure a win. The system entirety Martingale and is about to be exclusively played on 50-50 chances - that odd / even and red / black.

You start by making the lowest possible effort, you lose, the effort in the next game doubled. Every time you win, you start again with the lowest effort. Theoretically, the system had to be infallible, but you lose many times in a row, the effort to end the prohibitive or when the casino maximum effort.

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