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A licensed games include both games online and land-based venues . With a license for online casino service, players can now freely provide games such as roulette , baccarat, pinto banc , blackjack, poker and slot play and offer cash winnings.

The term " online casino " has a wider range of games than are offered on the country PIN casinos and includes a combination of games where the outcome is determined by chance and skill.

The combination of games include games such as chess , backgammon and various quizzes. It is also possible to apply for a combined license so that he can offer both betting and online casino games. There can also be applied for a license with a limited income level, which is a license for a fixed term of one year and have an income level of about . $ 180,000 ( USED).

Both individuals and companies can apply for a license to be allowed to offer gambling and / or online casino games. We do not require that applicants must be resident or established in Denmark , but it is a requirement that the applicant has a representative.

It is our priority to players in Denmark operate their gaming activities in an appropriate and professional manner. For example , in relation to the applicant's financial situation , we emphasize to ensure 1 ) the company will be able to pay all potential gains , 2 ).

The budgets are consistent with the objectives defined in their business plan and 3) have sufficient funds to run the company. With regard to assessing and monitoring the players , we have more technical requirements around the game data and systems.

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