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The 75 ball bingo can be played in different versions. Which bingo variant is being played, the bingo announcer should announce before each round of bingo. There may, for example, that you mark all the 24 bingo numbers on your bill or have only numbers allowed to vertical, diagonal or horizontal paint on your bill. Did you can mark all the numbers in the order given by you should be calling out the bingo Wordiest the bingo announcer indicate that you have won. This round was played bingo with a vertical, horizontal or diagonal order and someone called Bingo has won this player. But the bingo game must not be over here. Because in some bingo halls to a bingo player we could highlight the entire bill now continue to play even that long. Thus there may be up to two winners in the 75 ball bingo. Of course, the payouts for the casino players who could paint all 24 numbers on his ticket west are higher than for the player who just could paint a series.

Another very popular version of bingo is 90 ball bingo. Here, the bingo ticket is something different structure than that of the 75 ball bingo. The 90 ball bingo is, as the name suggests, played with 90 numbers. The 90 ball bingo ticket grid is constructed in a 9 × 9 with 3 columns and 3 rows. That is here can find 27 boxes on your Bingo ticket. In the 27 box 15 random numbers between 1 and 90 are entered. The remaining boxes are empty. In contrast to the 75 ball bingo word bingo missing here on the ticket. If you buy a 90 ball bingo ticket you can often choose between a single note or a 6 strips on which are 6 tables.

This will give you a much better chance of winning than the use of a single 90 ball tickets. The sequence of the 90 ball bingo is the same principle as that of the 75 ball bingo. Only there are no different versions of the 90 ball bingo. Here are just a variant is played. But in the 90 ball bingo there are 3 different winners. Once the bingo players who could mark all numbers in a row wins, then the second prize goes to the bingo player, which could mark 2 rows and the bingo jackpot goes to the bingo players who could select all rows on his 90 ball bingo ticket.

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