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The tour continues to fish until it comes as close to 21 as possible (but, depending on the variant of the game, may have to be 17 or having to fish with a soft 17.) In the different versions of blackjack online, some rules are changed : the above with regard to the cards face down or up, for example, does not apply to the Double Exposure Blackjack Gold , in which the dealer plays with both cards.

A variant really interesting are the blackjack multi-hand, which is also betting on 5 hands at once, increasing the adrenaline of those who are willing to try something stronger. To name just a few: Atlantic City Blackjack Gold and European Blackjack Gold (who among other things a maximum bet of 1,000 credits); Classic Blackjack Gold (available in both hands more than one) and Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold .

A variant hilarious introduction is given instead, in some blackjack, the side bet, which allows you to bet on other factors and provides high payout (up to 10:1), the best examples are Hi Lo 13 Blackjack. The precursor of blackjack is a game called twenty-one , of unknown origin (although evidence of its existence are documented in a story already written to the beginning of 1600 by Miguel de Cervantes.

Author of Don Quixote, under the name of venting ). The game was already known, however, in different parts of Europe in the seventeenth century (in France was called Vent-et-un , which translated means, in fact, twenty-one).

Quad's arrived in the United States , to encourage players casinos began to offer a bonus that paid ten to one if the 21 were obtained with the combination of an ace of spades and a black jack (whose English translation is , in fact, black jack ), and the game soon began to be identified with the name of blackjack.

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