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Experienced a slight upturn in the game of poker the early 70s, as the World Series of Poker at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino started. Until then, poker was still considered a game of luck. Only when the first professional player was always won at the SWOOP well known that even in poker strategy and mathematics play an important role. Poker experienced a real boom in 2003, as an amateur player won the World Series of Poker. Since poker is becoming more popular.

Participants in the tournaments are constantly rising and no end in sight. Especially the online poker is becoming more popular. More and more people play poker just for fun on the internet. By the large-scale advertising scenario campaign meanwhile million players frolicking in the premises of online casinos .

As we know, recently in Italy and other countries, the game of poker outside of restricted areas such as casinos became legal, and also the online game is accessible over the casinos and other local events organized legally.

But because you have not thought of it before, Why did it take so long to decide, and even today there are still restrictions in Italy compared to other countries. The question is very simple: poker has always been seen as mainly just a game of chance, and in recent years has tried to prove the opposite.

Trying to spread the idea that poker is primarily a game of skill and not a gambling, but it can still become according to the subject, as well as can become addicted to alcohol or cigarettes or scratch cards, and so on.

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