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The history of poker is very old. In Europe, the first game of cards held in the second half of the 14th Century collection. At the same time the first card game with betting elements called Ganja was played in Egypt. The first game was really similar to poker but played in Persia. This game is called As Naps and has a hierarchy in the value of the card combinations.

In the 15th Century evolved from a Spanish card game Pique the, meaning to Poker. Pooch The name derives from the verb insist on what means in English to poke. This has evolved over time, the name poker.

This early version of poker was brought to 1829 by French emigrants to North America. At that time, the game was probably still played with a deck of cards to 20 cards. This game was very popular with the settlers and quickly spread throughout the eastern part of the North American continent. Even then, some scammers have discovered that playing poker for themselves and except with neat tricks the ignorant settlers. Many have lost this game at home and yard. Jonathan E. Green in 1834 wrote the first written warning of the card game and described it as cheating game.

Middle of the 19th Century, during the great gold rush, poker is also spread rapidly throughout the western United States. From this time was then played consistently throughout America with 52 cards. Also was flush introduced. The first, also known poker variant today was Five Card Draw . This was the first time at the time of the Civil War of 1861 - played in 1865. In this phase was the road taken as a poker hand. The first modern version of Texas Hold'em was probably only the beginning of the 20th Century played. Was the name of the game is still wild Widow. The big news was that it was the first time a community card, which was available to all players.

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