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Online slot machines players of the land-based casinos were the first to sfiziarsi to Video Slot Machine the prestigious Casino in Las Vegas, Monaco and many other famous places. Today, their success has increased the popularity of the internet has brought the slot machines in a brand new version, the one online. It's been a time since 1891, when it was invented the first slot in the state of New York.

The prototype machine was not practical from the point of view of use, but the idea developed rapidly and soon led to slot machine very efficient. It was not long, and slot machines began to be present everywhere giving more popularity to the Casino. Today, online slot machines are an evolution of that ancient prototype and do not stop being tired and attract new players.

At this point it is important to understand the variety of available slots, since the choice is vast. There are slots with bonus, with progressive jackpots. The operation of the game is very simple. Once the chips were inserted into the slot manual, today on slot machines online just click the "Spin" button that allows you to drive the wheels begin to turn that speed.

We could crush again "spin" and block the movement of the rollers of the slot or let it stop by itself. When they stop if luck helps us, we get a winning combination, and you can collect your winnings. To understand how the conversion of the payout (payment corresponding to each combination) just give cheat to the table that is on all slot machines be they real or virtual.

The only strategy used with slot machines, as machines that generate winnings in a completely random and then dictated only by luck, is to identify the slot that provide higher payments. The slot machine online can be divided into paylines and play .

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