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According to some poker looks a lot like a game originating in Iran, which would have been taken around the world by sailors from the Middle East. Thanks to them would have landed in the south of those who still were not the United States, but only a set of colonies. To the south were at the time the and their capital was the beautiful New Orleans.

In New Orleans, a city sidecar and mixed for excellence, the Persian game would have assumed its current name, derived from the French word "pique," that fool you. Here you would change and would take the many forms that still preserves in several versions with which you can play. Poker is in fact a set of games, the result of the intersection of different traditions.

As the game played in the taverns of the southern United States poker is known since the first half of the nineteenth century. At the time it was played with a deck of 20 cards each table and saw the participation of 4 players. Shortly after you will start using the French deck of 54 cards, with the introduction of color.

During the American Civil War poker was a common pastime for the troops, who devised several versions, including draw poker, stud poker and poker with the community cards (the most famous currently played is Texas Hold'em, but it will come later).

Over 900 poker will change and grow again. Finally released from the taverns and enter gaming halls and large American casinos. In addition, as a result of American involvement in wars that took place beyond the oceans, this game will begin to spread outside of the continent. The final consecration will come with the foundation of a true world championship of poker, the SWOOP, which took place in 1970.

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