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The video poker gambling so it can get when you play it the wrong way and you let yourself get carried away and play without any strategy, without thinking about the mathematics hidden behind the game, such as the calculation of outs and the chances of victory.

It 'also true that you can be unlucky and lose hands, we say that a hand like AA for example, which is almost always played out, can lose against a weaker starting hand like 2-2 if by chance even with the last card either a 2.

The definition that wake podia itself from gambling is the "wager of money or other property on the outcome of a future event." In video poker you do not gamble if you do not intentionally and without criteria, you know what you are betting.

Even if we do not know if by chance the river will be the card that will give the victory to us or to the opponent, we know, however, the number exact probability that we win or lose, so it's up to us if we only play with positive percentage or throw to bet without criteria.

After seeing the video poker in this respect, many countries including Italy, I do not consider it as a real game of chance and nowadays many people at first just curious, have had a chance to look out for this game , to know him better and to become masters of their own!

But if we played 100 or 1000 of the genus, we note however that in most cases, AA is a winning hand with gain guaranteed. If there is a gain guaranteed with a particular playing technique, this does not automatically you can call it gambling.

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